5-day Lockdown Begins

Victorians have started their first day of a 5-day lockdown that began at midnight last night. The lockdown is at Stage Four for the whole state, regional and metro. Here’s what you can and can’t do for the next 5 days.

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The four reasons to leave your home is back in place. This means you can only leave your home for work, shopping for essentials, caregiving or exercise. If you can work from home you must do so.

The exercise is limited to two hours per day and you may only shop and exercise within a 5-kilometre radius from your home.

Masks must be worn every time you leave your home.

All gatherings are banned and there can be no visitors to your home.

Restaurants and cafes can only offer takeaway. Non-essential retail outlets such as hairdressers will close as will gyms, pools, schools, play centres, community centres, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, tourism and transport, accomodation services, places of worship, museums, libraries, and entertainment venues.

No visitors will be allowed in aged-care homes or hospitals unless it is for end-of-life reasons or to be a support partner during a birth.

No weddings will be allowed except under exceptional circumstances. Funerals are limited to ten people and they must take place outside.

There will be no house inspections or auctions.

Supermarkets, bottle shops, chemists, outdoor playgrounds, and childcare centres will remain open.

Let’s keep our fingers that this 5-day lockdown truly is only 5 days.