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Advertising Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions apply to any advertising booking made with Savannah Brook Media (hereafter known as the “Publisher”) in any of their publications, including This is Sunbury and This is Ballarat, by any means including by phone or booking form.
  2. The publisher reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Notification of amendments to the terms and conditions will be deemed to have been given immediately after publication on this site. The new terms and conditions will apply to all new advertisements booked after the publication date.


3. If, for any reason, Savannah Brook Media are unable to provide the correct amount of article inclusions, these shall be replaced with social media posts.

Advertisement submissions

4. When submitting your own advertisement, sizes must be as follows:

  • Full page ads must be of vertical orientation
  • Double page spreads must be of horizontal orientation
  • Half page ads must be of horizontal orientation
  • 1/4 page ads must be of vertical orientation
  • 1/8 page ads must be of horizontal orientation

5. All advertisements must be at least 300dpi. If ads are submitted at less than 300dpi, you will be notified and will be charged $20 to resubmit.

6. The spelling and grammar on your advertisements is your responsibility. If you wish to correct an advertisement you may do so before the submission deadline at a cost of $20.

7. If you wish to make changes to an ad created by Savannah Brook Media that was published in a previous issue, you may do so at a cost of $50 for small changes. It is the publisher’s right to decide if the changes sought are to be classified as ‘small changes’. If the publisher deems the changes to be significant, an order for a new advertisement must be made.

8. The advertiser must have permission to use any materials (including photographs, text, fonts and anything else that may be used to create an ad) in creation of their advertisement.


9. The deadline for advertisements is the 23rd for the month of February and the 26th for every other month.

10. If you do not submit your ad before the due date, your advertising package in its entirety will be rolled over to the next month. There will be no refunds for missing the submission deadline.

11. If Savannah Brook Media is creating your ad, you will be sent an email with a link to the proof. You must approve the ad before the deadline as stated in section 9. If you do not approve your advertisement by the deadline, your advertising package, in its entirety, will be rolled over to the next month. There will be no refunds for missing the deadline.

12. No advertisement will be published in a publication and no advertising package will go forward without full payment by the due date.

Positioning and Placement

13. The publisher has the right to place an advertiser’s advertisement in the publication as they see fit.

Publishers Rights

14. The publisher is not required to retain any content in relation to advertisements after publication.

15. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason without giving an explanation. Advertiser’s money will be refunded in this case.