COVID restrictions – What’s Happening Now

Here are the latest COVID restrictions.

You must wear a mask in shopping centres, supermarkets and large stores and while you are using public transport, taxis and ride shares. You can go mask-free anywhere else but you do need to carry one at all times.

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Up to 30 visitors are allowed inside your home per day. Residents of the home and children under one year are not included in the total.

Hospitality venues are limited to one person per two-square metres. QR codes for contact tracing are mandatory.

Retail and beauty services can operate under the two-square metre rule as can community services such as libraries and halls.

Gyms can have one person per four-square metres with a maximum of 50 people inside and 100 people outside. Indoor pools must also follow the four-square metre rule while outdoor pools can have one person per two-square metres.

Weddings and funerals must follow the two-square metre rule.

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