Lockdown Ends

With changes to our restrictions coming into force over night, here’s what you now can and can’t do.

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There is no longer a curfew and the five reasons to leave your house have been removed. You can now leave your home for any reason.

The 15-kilometre travel radius is no longer in effect although you still can’t not travel to regional areas.

Masks are still required to be worn both inside and outside.

Up to 10 people can visit your home per day. However, health officials are advising that only vaccinated people be allowed in your homes.

Outdoor gatherings may include up to 15 people and it is also recommended that these people be fully vaccinated.

Residents must continue to work from home if they can. There will be a staggered return to school for years 3 to 11.

Outdoor venues can reopen with a maximum of 50 fully vaccinated people. Restaurants, pubs and cafes can reopen for seated service but density rules will apply. All staff and customers must be fully vaccinated.

Retail will remain closed but hairdressers and beauty salons can open with density limits for fully vaccinated people. Gyms and indoor pools will remain closed.