Repair Cafe Sunbury

The Repair Cafe Sunbury will be run every third Saturday of the month from 10am to 12.30pm starting on February 18, 2023.

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The Repair Cafe in Sunbury is a community initiative that aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability by repairing and repurposing old or broken items. The cafe is run by volunteers who have a passion for fixing things and helping the environment.

At the Repair Cafe, visitors can bring in anything from small electronics to furniture for repair. The volunteers will work with the visitors to diagnose the problem and find a solution. In many cases, the repairs are simple and can be done on the spot. In more complex cases, the volunteers may need to take the item home to work on it more extensively.

The Repair Cafe also offers workshops and classes on topics such as basic electronics and sewing. These classes are designed to teach visitors how to fix things themselves and promote a culture of repair and reuse.

The Repair Cafe is a valuable resource for the community, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. It is a great example of how small initiatives can have a big impact on the environment and the community.

The Repair Cafe is held at the Sunbury Neighbourhood House which is located at 531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury.