Restrictions Ease

As more restrictions around the state and country ease, here’s a list of things that will be open from June 1 and the maximum number of people allowed in each of them.

You’ll be able to have 20 people in your home, including the people who already live there (so 16 guests if you have a family of four).

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Outdoor gatherings – 20 people

Libraries and community facilities – no more than 20 people in one area

Galleries, museums, drive-ins, zoos and outdoor amusement parks – 20 people

Swimming pools – 20 people.

Nail salons, spas and tattoo parlours – 20 people

Sporting activities – 20 people as long as it is non-competitive, outdoors, non-contact and people are able to play 1.5 metres apart

Auctions and open inspections – 20 people

Non-food and drink market stalls

More restrictions will ease on June 22 if all goes well.