Sunbury Library’s New Vinyl Collection

Sunbury Library Hume Global Learning Centre

Sunbury Library has recently unveiled its latest addition—a vinyl collection comprising approximately 200 tunes from both classic and local artists. The collection, which officially launched on May 18, aims to enhance access for the Sunbury and Hume community, catering to the growing demand for vinyl records.

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With vinyl records outselling CDs in recent years, the library recognized the importance of expanding its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its patrons.

To borrow a vinyl record from the collection, interested individuals must be members of the library and undergo an induction with the staff to learn about proper care for the records. Patrons have the option to borrow the records for a week or enjoy them directly at the library using the available record player.

The library’s vinyl collection is carefully curated to cater to diverse musical tastes. It features a mix of classic records, including iconic bands such as Cold Chisel and The Easybeats, to appeal to nostalgia seekers. Additionally, Sunbury Library takes pride in promoting local talent by featuring artists like Maple Glider and Surprise Chef, who are making waves in the music industry today.

Looking ahead, the library has plans to expand its vinyl collection over time, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and engaging resource for music enthusiasts in the community. Furthermore, the library intends to provide record players for loan in the near future, offering a complete listening experience for patrons who may not have access to their own equipment.

Sunbury Library’s vinyl collection has already generated excitement among music lovers and library-goers alike. By embracing the resurgence of vinyl records and adapting to changing trends, the library has cemented its status as a cultural hub that goes beyond traditional book lending. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse selection of tunes, the Sunbury Library is successfully bridging the gap between generations and creating a space where people can come together to appreciate the timeless charm of vinyl music.